Merry Christmas from Scag Power Equipment / Scag Giant-Vac

The news is out!!! Through the month of January 2014, everyone can receive Scag’s Fleet Program pricing on V-Ride purchases of one unit or more! Visit for more info

A trip down memory lane to 1988.  Talk about style!


Out here at Sterling cuttin grass with the #scag


Every day is a good one when you’re cutting grass … #scag #rad #landscaping #groundsmaintenance #TURF #turftiger #TURFFGANG #fidlar

Couldn’t agree more!

On our Facebook page we are going to be starting the Scag History Series, as we unveil some milestones in Scag history.  Below is the first entry in the History Series.  Enjoy…

1983:  Scag was established to develop professional grade lawnmowers specifically for commercial landscapers. At the time, Scag contracted with Metalcraft of Mayville to put their ideas into production.

The attached image is one of the original decals that used to appear on the mowers.

A few fall posts from our other social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram 

We hope everyone had a great start to the holiday season, spent some quality time with family and had a chance to relax.  

Today our friend Earl submitted this to us on Facebook.  This is a mower over 15 years old with 317 hours on it.  Talk about preservation. 

Back to the archives 1989! Here is the cover for a brochure introducing the Scag SWZ. Talk about industry standard for walk behinds, other than the deck not much has changed on this machine since it’s introduction. #tbt #throwbackthursday #Scag #SWZ 

We want to see your throw back Thursday pictures.  Share with us your Scag pictures of old, from old hats to old machines!

We are starting to get some Giant-Vac leaf cleanup user pictures! Drew left no leaf behind with his Skid Mount. 

Does anyone else have some before or after pictures or leaf pile pictures that they used a Scag Giant-Vac to take care of?